Lost and Found

Lost Cat - What to do

If your cat is missing, the most important thing to do is take immediate action.  Many people feel that cats find their own way home after a few days.   Sadly, this often isn't the case, especially for indoor cats who find themselves outside in the elements, alone and scared. 

As soon as you realize your cat is missing:

  • Search your garden  - cats who get outside often stay in their own yard, hiding under decks, bushes or in window wells.  Look in any areas that a cat could possibly hide.  Even if you are calling her, she may be too scared to come out of her hiding place.·    Put a bowl of food out for her, preferably as it starts to get dark.  Have someone she knows well watch for her.  
  • Ask neighbours to search their property for her.
  • Put flyers up in your neighbourhood and in local shopping plaza's (high traffic areas).  Keep the posters clear and simple with a large colour photo of your cat, the word LOST and your phone number.  Cover the posters in a plastic sleeve so that they protected from the elements. Make sure you use a recent photograph.
  • Contact the local shelters, rescue groups and animal control.  If possible, email them a photo of her but it is also important that you visit them to actually see the cats they have.  Cats can look different when they are scared or have been outside for a period of time.  Shelters are often very full and sometimes an employee or volunteer may not make the connection that it is your cat.  You know your cat better than anyone!  If you adopted from Kate and Me Cat Rescue, please notify us immediately and provide us with information on how to reach you if she is surrendered to us.
  • Call local veterinarians to see if anyone has contacted them about a found cat.
  • Contact local pet stores to see if you can place an poster at their location.
  • If she is microchipped, make sure that your contact information is up to date.
  • Check the social media sites and lost/found pet websites to see if anyone has posted a photo of her as found.  
  • Post a photo and details on the social media and lost/found websites with contact information and details of when and where she went missing. Some sites for York Region and other areas in Ontario are:
  • http://www.helpinglostpets.com/desktop.html
  • http://www.infopet.ca/lost.php
  • ttp://toronto.kijiji.ca/
  • Contact people who manage local feral colonies to ask if they have noticed a new addition to their colony.  Check your local SPCA or on line for groups that work with feral cats and ask them to share your cats information and contact details.  Some contacts for Ontario are:

          The Toronto Feral Cat Project                   York Region Change for Ferals              Telephone City Feral Cat Rescue

  • There are also resources such as tracking dogs that can be hired to track lost pets.