Have your cat spayed or neutered.  This takes very little effort, but is the key

to minimizing the number of unwanted and homeless cats.  The Ontario SPCA

statistics state that one female cat, allowed to breed for just seven years, could

result in 420,000 cats.  In addition, it is proven that spaying or neutering your cat

can prevent a number of illnesses as well as unwanted behaviours, resulting in

lower health care costs and less stress.  So by having your cat spayed or neutered.

you are not only doing your part to reduce the number of unwanted kittens, you are

improving the health of your cat and the relationship you have with him.

When you adopt a cat from Kate and Me Cat Rescue the adoption fee includes

spay or neuter.


Kate and Me Cat Rescue is operated solely by volunteers who give of their time and energy to assist these wonderful animals.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,  please complete our Volunteer Application or email us at: for further information.  Ways you can volunteer include:

Adoption Centre/Shelter Volunteers
 -  at the adoption centre or shelter (mornings and evenings for 1.5 – 2  hrs) to clean cages, change water/food and spend time interacting with the cats and kittens.  Please complete the Volunteer Application and we will contact you for an interview and training if we are in need of a volunteer at a time that fits your schedule.

Make blankets
-  knit/crochet/sew blankets for carriers and cages.  We like to send each adopted cat/kitten home with a blanket to help them to feel more comfortable and adjust to their new surroundings.   The ideal size is approximately 12” x 18” .  It is a great way to use up your scraps of wool and fabric! These blankets can be dropped off at the adoption centre at PetSmart (Yonge and Green Lane)


Donate Items and Funds

As a non-profit organization we do not make a profit on any of our adoptions.  In fact, fees collected do not cover the costs incurred for each and every cat we rescue.  As we do not receive government funding we rely upon donations to help offset these costs. We accept donations by cash or cheque and appreciate any amount, as every little bit helps.

 We also welcome the following items:

  • cat climbers
  • cat scratching posts
  • cat houses
  • new cat toys
  • water/food bowls
  • baby comforters and/or pet blankets (in fair condition)
  • Science Diet canned food
  • Dry or wet cat food (any brand) *

*Hill’s® Science Diet® “Second Chance for Love” shelter program has partnered with us and is donating pet food for all cats and kittens we care for.  We also gratefully accept donations of other food brands, which are used to care for feral cats in our community. These are managed colonies of feral cats and are part of the Trap, Neuter, Return program which cares for the cats while managing their population; reducing the number of kittens ending up in shelters such as ours.  To find out more about feral cats in our community visit:


If you know of a cat that is in need of rescuing, please email us at: Include details of the cat and their current situation so that they can be added to our waiting list.  We will contact you as space becomes available.

Please call us if:

·  you have found an injured cat or kitten
·  you have an orphaned kitten (or you have kittens that have a mother who is unable to care for them)
·  there are circumstances that you feel put a cat or kitten in danger if they don't find a safe environment

If we are unable to assist you, we will be happy to give you some guidance on how to proceed to find the help you need.

How to Help