Lost and Found

Found Cat - What to do

If you have found a cat, do not assume that the cat is lost or stray as many people still let their cats outdoors.  If the cat appears to be well fed, healthy and confident walking around the neighbourhood in the day time, there is a good chance that it is an indoor/outdoor cat.

If the cat seems to be doing well but you are unsure if she is lost, before you take her in you can:

  • Search on line to see if anyone is looking for her (see sites under lost cat)
  • Check to see if there are posters around the neighbourhood or at local stores/plaza
  • Ask your neighbours, local vets, shelters if anyone is looking for her


If the cat appears to be lost (very hungry and uncared for, scared):

  • Provide immediate care by offering food, water and, if possible, shelter.  A large, plastic storage container turned on its side will offer temporary shelter from the elements.
  • Search on line to see if anyone is looking for her (see sites listed under Lost Cat).  Take a photo and post on the same sites.
  • Check to see if there are posters around the neighbourhood or at local stores/plaza.  Create a Found Poster and place it in         your neighbourhood – keep it simple, with the word FOUND, a photo and your phone number.
  • Contact local vets, shelters, rescue groups and animal control to determine if anyone is looking for her
  • If possible, contain her in either a shed, garage or in a room in your home (especially if it is cold).
  • If you are able to get her into a carrier, take her to your local vet to have them scan to see if she is microchipped (some vets will do this as a free service).   If the family cannot be contacted the vet/shelter who microchipped the cat will be listed on the information.
  • Share information about the cat with neighbours, friends and family.  Share her photo on social media.
  • If possible, continue to care for her for several days before taking her to a shelter.  People often wait a few days before looking for a missing cat because they think they will come home after a while.
  • If the cat is not approachable and you notice that the top of her left ear is missing, contact the local feral groups (see Lost Cat section for list), to notify them that you have found a possible feral cat.  Do not approach her or try to pick her up. If possible, put food out for her early morning and evening.  Do not leave food out over night as you will attract other cats and wildlife.

We will not be taking in any cats or kittens until we have and  found homes for many of the cats currently at the shelter.  If you know of a cat(s) in need of rescuing, please email us at: rescueme@kateandmecatrescue.com  Include details of the cat(s) and their current situation so that they can be added to our waiting list.  We will contact you as space becomes available.

Call us if:

  • you have found an injured cat or kitten
  • you have an orphaned kitten (or you have kittens that have a mother who is unable to care for them)
  • there are circumstances that you feel put a cat or kitten in danger if they don't find a safe environment

If we are unable to assist you, we will be happy to give you some guidance on how to proceed to find the help you need.